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Look around! Everything that surrounds you has its own soul and voice.
We only free these voices, transforming their sounding into the rhythm of life itself…
We - ARS NOVA, the unique percussion ensemble, which has united the whole variety of timbers, sounds, rhythms and styles of different epochs in its creativity.
A great number of percussion instruments can be heard in our works as well as “not really music” subjects. ARS NOVA extracts music from everything: in our hands even such agricultural tool as scythe transforms into the music instrument and acquires its voice.
ARS NOVA makes even water sound!
ARS NOVA it is a music synthesis of the Past, Present and Future.

“…Life has its sense only if you discover something new in it…”

The leader of ensemble,
Honoured Artist of Ukraine,
Laureate International Competitions,
Professor, George Tchernenko


Hey, People! Welcome to our web site. We hope you’ll enjoy searching through this page and find all needed information ;-) Let the sky be clear above your head. Good weather and the shining sun inspire us to live!

Don't put off living until tomorrow. Don't be afraid to dream some time away
Don't look too far ahead, don't look back with regret;
just look with hope to the horizon of day.
- Collin McCarty-


Sincerely yours, ARS NOVA

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